Dwarf Fortress Stories

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Find the dragon, kill the dragon, eat the dragon

16 July 2012, 06:23 Rating: 4 [+]

Tequil Isundopod Joricusic Lega aka Tequil Basicpractices the Dispersed Executioner of Parity was a badass human who was born in 92 and was given to killing everything everywhere with his mace.
Kima Warmthhot the Luxury of Gems was a female dragon who killed One Hundred fourteen luckless souls and was some kind of dragon tramp because she had a shitload of kids but had no idea who their daddy was.
Tequil received the quest to track down and end the dragons reign of terror so he began to assemble his crack team of sacrificial lambs warriors.
Once everyone was geared up, they made the two day journey to the brand of sizzling which was the dragons lair. As they made their way down the ramp the band of warriors failed to notice that Tequil had begun to sneak and was falling back to the rear of the pack.

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Undead army and deity

29 June 2012, 13:05 Rating: 8 [+]

I started a human adventurer and for some reason everyone was being a total dick in this newly genned world. Nobody would give me the time of day let alone quests. I eventually found a abandoned human fortress where a gray demon deity had apparently been writing books frantically and scattering them everywhere. He was also a jerk to me, so I just stole a bunch of books and read them.
Upon reading one, I was granted to ability to raise the dead and my title became "necromancer". Wandering to a tomb, I rose the many many skeletons inside and formed a zombie army, as well as learned that if you're a necromancer undead of all forms ignore you, even mummies. They will still emerge from their coffin and chase you, but they won't actually attack you anymore. Zombified wildlife will also ignore you. I also learned that you become sort of undead yourself, no longer needing to eat, sleep or drink.

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A tale from Snospdamon, the Past Planes

29 June 2012, 12:52 Rating: 5 [+]

Islas Pulleyonions (did you know that neither "public" nor "opinion" are in the DF dictionary? A shame) was a human born in 222, and began wandering the wilds in late summer of 250. Repeatedly asking about the surroundings of his home hamlet of Sprayedfuture, he heard a tale of a Dinocroc in a cave roughly a day to the south. Thinking that sounded like a better idea than getting shot to death by bandits like a normal adventurer, Islas set off across the Worthy Steppe.

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Some food and fight

28 June 2012, 12:38 Rating: 3 [+]

Started a new adventurer as a dwarf and cut my teeth on a few quests to kill some night creatures. They all seem to have a weakness to copper which luck would have it I discovered a copper pick in an abandoned human fort just outside of the town.
I don't know why but for the life of me I can't find any wild animals to get meat from and I'm into bright yellow hunger. So I see a few local tamed pigs and dogs milling around.
"They wouldn't care if I killed one of the pigs...would they?"

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Adventure mode

27 June 2012, 07:33 Rating: 4 [+]

The peasant asked me to kill the spouse of the shadow monster. The lair was a little disgusting, but I managed to pick around and find a few coins from its human and goblin victims, minted by the Nation of Rabbits and the Tick of Constructs respectively. The spouse itself was dispatched with relative ease. I went straight to the castle overlooking the river to report my deeds. The lord there sent me off to kill the dark creature bridegroom, and I took a swordsman with me.

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18 June 2012, 12:08 Rating: 7 [+]

I once had a dorf in adventure mode who lost his left foot to a troll or ettin, or something with butchers knife, anyway, he was on ground day to day, everyday. Even though he was horribly slow I played him anyway and I wanted to visit mountainhomes so badly I went on a journey north meeting goblins on the way.
Imagine a footless dorf laying on the ground covered by two steel shields biting the shit of goblins legs. And it worked, I lived through two packs of goblin ambushers, and a kobold ambush, but it doesn't matter. What matters is the style I lived through this.

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Adventurer mode can be harsh

18 June 2012, 10:19 Rating: 4 [+]

I had a dwarf decked out in steel plate with an axe soaked with the blood of all the mythical creatures he had killed, including dragons and legendary beasts. He was on his way to slay some great evil someplace, got ambushed by goblins at night and took a crossbow bolt in his back, piercing the lung or heart. He at least managed to chop his attacker's head off and fell a few other goblins before he bled out.