Dwarf Fortress Stories

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The Trials and Frustrations of Prince Darvid Part 1

15 May 2020, 07:33 Rating: 18 [+]

This is a tale of the trials and frustrations of Prince
Darvid, that being the Swedish spelling of David, that being me, and his valiant attempts at creating a dwarven settlement and turning it into a mighty stronghold of wealth and power. Fortunately, Prince Darvid was aided by an elven wizard who was in possession of three wondrous artifacts as well as some interesting spells, The first artefact was a crystal ball that let him
communicate instantly with that great Dwarven fount of knowledge, their council of sages and scholars known as the Wiki. The second was a strange artefact known
as the Tardis, also known as “The backup save” in Elvish, which when the need was great enough enabled them to go back in time and avert dire circumstances.
This basically meant that Prince Darvid’s Fortress died a hundred times, instead of only once. The third artefact was another crystal ball, only this one allowed them to see anywhere in the fortress or its surroundings, even if
no dwarf was present. It was this third great artefact that granted Prince Darvid great insight into why there were so many wars between the Dwarves and the Elves, and why dwarves will cheerfully burn every last tree into charcoal
just to spite the elves and hopefully spark a war.

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The death of Elite Marksdwarf Ustuth Trancatten and the curse of the adamantine

11 December 2019, 11:31 Rating: 1 [+]

The city of Medtobthosbut lies deep in the once forest covered mountainsides, overlooking the hostile lands of Nitom Tishak. It is one of the few dwarven settlements to survive in this fierce world. The great halls of the fortress are carved from the stone underground, and are kept safe by a vast defensive system of traps, falling pits, siege engines and crossbows pointing from arrow-slits. The city is under almost constant siege by various foul creatures, however, remarkable dwarven engineering, unequal craftsmanship and bravery have kept it from being looted and destroyed. Hundreds upon hundreds of attackers have died at the gates of Medtobthosbut, the landscape is like the underworld itself, covered in ash and piles of corpses. There is nothing to be seen on the hillside but death, nothing to be heard but the silence of the fallen...

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The Tale of the Wicked Ogre Vampire

23 September 2019, 19:22 Rating: 7 [+]

In the world of Xah Thran, The Dimension of Dawning, there lived a human. She was born before time, and by the dawn of the first year, she had grown to be a woman. Her name was Spepip Beardeddresses. She lived a simple life in the hamlet of Copperreins before gaining the attention of Ero Handledcombats. The two had married the next year, and set to make their lives in the town of Searedracks.

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The fall of fort firetouched

05 January 2017, 14:49 Rating: 142 [+]

Firetouched was a expedition sent by the Empire of the leafy
furnaces on 14 of granite 718 to settle new lands lead by “yoan”
whipentrance and his 6 closest friends.

The land they settled on
was a great place, Full of minerals, a shallow river flowed through the
plains, coming down from the northern hill and bringing fresh water full
of fish to catch, there were many apple trees and berry bushes in the
area, and a few small lakes near the river the 7 dwarfs took their gear
and started digging near the river, that would be their home after going
in 2-3 meters and hitting stone instead of soft dirt, they spread out,
many started fishing, 4 were carving their home into the earth, and the
rest were choping trees to craft beds and doors all went well, living
off the apple trees and berry bushes kept all alive, and when a
fisherdwarf caught something it was added to our increasing stockpile
work went slowly however, having much to haul inside, and most of the
time we were collecting fruit and gathering wood to sustain ourselves,
no migrants were coming, the first caravan came at the end of spring, we
didn't need anything so we didn't trade, not that we could give them
more than stones and the many gems we found (which were common at the
mountainhome too, so they weren't wanted) the land was rich but not in
metals when the first migrants arrived there were 10 new people, all
from The leafy furnaces, we rejoiced, we expanded our base, starting a
true mine to find metals to forge our tools and weapons to protect this
precious land, we had weapons from the mountain home,but they were
mostly copper and iron, and we wanted steel the work was going better,
we still needed more workforce, but we managed to make a living with
what we had, the fruits of the local flora were more than in abundance.

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The last sunse

03 October 2016, 13:28 Rating: 19 [+]

Sibrek Reincoal, a hammerdwarf looking for an adventure, had surprisingly made friends with an elf, Thilu Backtulips. The two of them started to travel together.
A few days later, while traveling to a bandit camp, they were ambushed by two alligators. Thilu was still a green adventurer and was no match for the powerful beasts. She lost her life to their jaws.
Sibrek, his vision obscured by tears, avenged her by destroying the alligators, dodging left and right, blocking their bites and bashing their skulls.
When the battle ended, he looked up to the sky. The sun was setting. There was no time, the boogeymen were coming. Using what he knew were his last moments, he hastily crafted an axe, using a small branch and a sharp rock. He then proceeded to fell a cherry tree and to build a casket, where he buried Thilu with the skull of Crackcleared, the accursed alligator.
Wiping the sweat from his brow, he finally heard them. They were coming, he had finished just in time.
If he had to go down, he would go down protecting that casket.

Calledbegan: The Massacre of Hackley Heli

30 September 2016, 04:16 Rating: 8 [+]

Do you ever hear tales of foolish young lads wandering inside a vault, isolated by the wilderness, somewhere in the country? You know how they usually end: the adventurer stumbles inside "on accident", which awakens the horrific, murderous guardian angel waiting inside. It slaughters them without a second thought, and so ends another life of a stupid soul.
But here's the interesting part: those angels won't go anywhere to continue their rampage upon other adventurers, scholars, or treasure hunters. All they do is sit around, waiting for the next person to intrude the home they've been created to protect. They have superb fighting prowess, yet it reaches no further than the doors into the vaults. No innocent person would ever feel anxious going outside, for fear of an angel attack.

Well, for Ucedujan, that sort of cautionary behavior would be rather sensible nowadays. You can't expect anyone with an unmatched bloodlust to remain endlessly idling.

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The Rampage of Acathi

02 August 2016, 00:12 Rating: 12 [+]

I slammed myself against the door to the training facility, but it wouldn’t budge. Molten rock had crystallized and sealed the door, and now frozen tears of stone adorned the iron-reinforced wood. The heat drove me
away from the doorway, and Oslanzanos appeared at my shoulder, coughing from the heat and soot. His knuckles were white around the handle of his axe.

“Kulinerib, sir! We have to get through this door,” he said.

“I know, soldier. What of Captain Uzolabir?”

“The marksdwarves report that they are trapped. Two doors are melted; the third collapsed,” Oslanzanos replied.

“Damn. Grab Cilo and Renu and see if your axes can open up –“

My order was interrupted by a shuttering tremor from below
us. Deep below us. In the heart of
the fortress.

“NOW!” I screamed. As Oslanzanos moved back into the billowing smoke, yelling for his comrades, I heaved my great Warhammer at the
door. My arms tautened as the exquisitely tempered steel, forged in this very fortress, met the iron bracings of the­ door. No avail.

Our entire military was trapped in these rooms!

In a matter of moments, Oslanzanos had returned, with the other axedwarves in tow. The door was beset by the glimmering edges of that
renowned steel.

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