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The Rise of the Lich [Masterwork]

03 June 2014, 23:26 Rating: 14 [+]

Vildang and his wife started out early that morning as they did every morning -- before the first break of light. His reptilian prey would be slowed by the frigid night mountain air. As his wife went to her duties in the field, picking berries kissed by morning dew, Vildang stole away into the cliffs and peaks of the steamy vale to track his game. Approaching a den of asps, a less experienced pursuer would have loosed a stack of quarrels at the serpents only to run off with one or two when the others "held their ground." Vildang has deep roots in ranging though, his ancestors were hunters long before the fall of the age of myth and will the recent birth of his first and only son, they will be for years to come. His hand obediently steady as it drew the blade, his pace even and unchanged from his typical stalking, he approached the snakes to severe and collect the heads, and allowed the tails to twitch out before placing them in his bag.

As Vildang past through the gates the first sun was rising and the third shift of guards were wearily on their way to the barracks. He dropped the heads off at the toxicologist and made his way to the back yards where the butcher was grumbling out of his quarters. Vildang dropped his snakes on the butchers block and turned to go out for a second hunt. The predators would be awake now, the snakes were just to get his mindset. Now was time for a challenge.

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